Chadd and Kristi

Kristi and Chadd in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat on their honeymoon

Welcome to Traveling Without Kids!

Whether you’re married without kids, single without kids, empty nesters or simply taking a vacation without the kiddos, this blog is for you!

There’s nothing wrong with traveling with children, but our travel tips and guides don’t take into account nap times or 5-year-old attention spans or how far a 7-year old can reasonably walk in a day. Certainly, some of our suggestions can be done with children, but we don’t have children ourselves and thus don’t pretend to know how to plan kid-friendly vacations and activities.

Who We Are

We’re Chadd and Kristi, a married couple sans kids, and we love to travel. We’re lucky enough to be able to travel multiple times a year, both for work and for pleasure. We also happen to live in a tourist destination: beautiful Amelia Island, Florida.

When we say we travel for work, we don’t mean we’re spending time in hotel ballrooms for conferences and conventions . . . we cover sports (mostly college football) for a living. So, our trips are more tailgating and fight songs than briefcases and three-piece suits.

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Chadd and Kristi at a UCF game in September 2013

Meet Chadd 

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I’m married to Kristi.  I am the program director at Jax Sports Radio 1010XL in Jacksonville, Florida and a contributor for the college football website www.GridironNow.com.  I picked up travelling as a hobby during my 20s and 30s when the itinerant (look it up) nature of the radio business had me living in four different states in four years.  After living in Alabama, Oregon, Georgia and Connecticut, I found myself bitten by wanderlust and have had my eyes set on the road ever since.

I was born and raised in Wisconsin.  My favorite domestic travel locations are Jackson Hole, Wyoming and San Francisco, California.  I don’t like travelling to the beach because I live at the beach – and a great one!  Internationally, Madrid, Spain has been my favorite destination thus far.  I have no desire to ever visit Asia, the term “Shanghaied” wasn’t plucked out of thin air.  I was at one time a powerlifter, I enjoy good scotch and all pizza, I hate to write, but have been told I’m good at it so I continue.

Meet Kristi 

My name is Kristi Dosh (yes, I still go by my maiden name professionally), and I’m a sports business reporter and the founder of a boutique publicity firm. Currently, I write for Forbes (including sports-related travel) and Fast Company. I’ve also written for ESPN, Golf Digest, SportsBusiness Journal, Bleacher Report, SB Nation and more. My book, Saturday Millionaires, came out in September 2013 and is about the business side of college football.

I’m also a former practicing attorney – my best friend from law school calls me a “recovering attorney” – and a content marketer. My true passion is writing, which has been the basis of every job or project I’ve ever done. I’ve written on topics ranging from career advice to dating and relationships for Glamour, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, Parents and more.

My writing addiction makes this the fifth blog I’ve started in the past eight years. I simply can’t help myself. There’s virtually always a laptop, tablet or smartphone in my hands.

How We Met

Kristi’s version of the story . . .

As you can imagine, sports played a role in our meeting each other. We were both living in Atlanta, where Chadd worked as a producer and on-air personality at a sports radio station and I was a practicing attorney who did sports business reporting on the side for Forbes and Comcast Sports Southeast (CSS).

I was on my way home from CSS and was listening to Chadd’s station on the radio. I heard him mention he would never date a woman who liked sports. I might not have thought much about it, but then several callers came on the air to talk about why they too would never date a woman who liked sports. They said it was their “guy time” – they wanted a woman who tolerated that they watched and went to games, but they didn’t want the woman to go with them.

Kristi and Chadd at Glenlivet's Whisky School in Scotland

Kristi and Chadd at Glenlivet’s Whisky School in Scotland

I was floored. I thought it was a positive thing that I was a woman who loved sports.

So, I did what any normal person would do and took to Twitter to discuss. Chadd spotted my tweets and emailed me a couple of days later to ask me out. We knew some people in common in the sports media world in Atlanta, so we were able to properly vet each other before venturing out on our date.

And the rest, as they say, is history. That was October of 2010, and we were married in March of 2014. We’ve moved from Atlanta to Fernandina Beach, Florida, both changed jobs and gone on a series of adventures together all over the United States and Europe.

Traveling is one of our favorite things to do together, so we can’t wait to share our travel tips with you all!

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